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2002 :: 02 :: Hockey and Pizza (44)

People around our goal
Jesse, bit blurred
Hockey group
Dale, goalie
Scott, Graham
Shahn, Scott, Graham
Shahn, Bill, leaning for the ball
Zach, save
Craig, Anna
Shahn, Amy, Bill, Graham
Ryan, Craig, Shahn
Terminator Bill
Ben, Jon
Jon, Marcelle, Gerian
Jon, Marcelle, Ryan, Zach, Gerian, around goal
Gerian, goal, Craig
Shahn, Ryan
Scott, blurred
Jesse, goal
Peggy-Jo, Heather, Anna, Rebecca, pizza
Sharon, Peggy-Jo, Anna, pizza
Group, pizza
Catharine, Sharon, Anna
Scott, posessed dog
Scott, song 1
Tempests group
Scott, song 2
Catharine, Graham, Melanie
Dale, Shahn, Marcelle, Nate, couch
Amy, Laura, Ryan, Erin
Zach, study
Eli, Suzanne, Ryan
Zach looking up
The return of Scott and his posessed dog
Shahn, Eli
Marcelle, Nate
Melanie, Marcelle, Catharine, piano 1
Melanie, Marcelle, Catharine, piano 2
Craig, Shahn
Bill, Eli, discuss
Zach relaxing