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Vortex photo database: David Robins' photography

2002 :: 02 :: Memphis :: Zoo (71)

Tiger front, grass
Tiger side
Small deer, top
Furry critter with tail
Cat preening
Leopard peeking
Leopard walking
Leopards guarding, lying down
Leopards lying down
Meerkats, one investigating ground
Meerkats standing, facing front
Meerkats standing, facing left
Leopards standing, lying down
Fountain near entrance
Founding plaque
Founding plaque context
Monkey, hanging 1
Monkey, hanging 2
Orangutan swinging, close
Orangutan swinging, wide
Orangutan sitting, close
Orangutan lying on rock
Orangutan habitat
Monkey with stick
Monkey climbing rock
Totem pole
Large spider, butterfly models
Flamingo, water
Flamingoes preening
Swan, sitting
Crowned crane
Giraffe standing
Two giraffes
Giraffe bending
Giraffe stooping
Giraffe head closeup
Deer, eating
Zebra behind
Zebra, head closeup
Zebra, grazing
Horned sheep, walking
Zebra, rolling
Elephant walking
Elephant front
Elephant wide
Elephant close, tusks
Elephan close, female
Elephant, close, stick in trunk
Rhino, pool
Rhino, peeking
Mother rhino
Mother and baby
Mother rhino close
Deer, side
Deer, front
Deer, walking, peeking
Birds at pool in deer habitat
Bear sitting 1
Bear sitting 2
Bear holding feet
Flamingo and reflection
Fountain at exit
Roethe 1
Roethe 2
Obelisk at entrance
Stone rhinocerous outside entrance
Entrance and animal statues
Overton Park entrance