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2002 :: 03 :: Fonthill to Memphis :: Nashville country (40)

Dad at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville
Grand Ole Opry, wide with gardens and benches
The Grand Ole Opry
Grand Ole Opry entrance
Grand Ole Opry from side, dull day
Bellsouth Acuff Theatre
Dad with some country singers
Minnie Pearl showcase
WSM Grand Ole Opry bench
Jukebox selection
Jukebox closeup
Jukebox panel
Platinum record closeup
Patsy and Charlie room
Marty Robbins' desk
Lamp closeup
Pistol closeup
Fancy pants
Riding gear
Marty Robbins' car, front
Marty Robbins' car, side
White car
Sound control booth
Bunny general store
Associated Press
Marty Robbins' car, back, with name
The rain at the Opry
Music studio
Sony music studio
River pilot statue
Ryman Auditorium
Guitar shop
Dad looking at guitars
Guitar rack
Dad playing guitar
Nashville street 1
Nashville street 2
Country music hall of fame
Platinum record wall