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2002 :: 03 :: Fonthill to Memphis :: State capitol (39)

Rifleman statue
Design bulletin
Pillars, front
Statue, front
Statue, front, flag
Statue closeup
Pillar closeup
View from back
View from back, left
Jackson on horse statue, wide
Jackson inscription
Jackson statue closeup
Jackson statue closeup, darker
Jackson statue, head shot
Fountain and statue green
Polk memorial
Polk memorial inscription
View outward
Capitol, wide
Capitol flags
Pillars down the rearward hill
Front, darker
Fallout shelter sign, library
Great war memorial
Lamp at memorial
Great war memorial statue
Great war memorial statue V
Statue right hand figurine
Memorial roof design
Memorial names list, right
Tennessee flag
Tennessee officer memorial
Korean war memorial, side
Memorial text 1
Memorial text 2
Korea map carving
Korean war memorial, front
Guitarist statue