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2002 :: 03 :: Fonthill to Memphis :: The Parthenon (41)

Parthenon, front, rain
Some dude's chest
Athena and Poseidon, close
Athena and Poseidon
Horse head
Griffon head sideways
Griffon head front
Griffon statue
Poseidon seated
Athena closeup
Athena, spear and shield
Athena's shield
Giant Athena statue
Gold figures around base
Athena's toe
Nike in Athena's hand
Giant Athena head closeup
Giant snake by shield
Side gallery statue
Snake and shield, side
Ancient crane replica
Silver tray and punch bowl
Silver punch bowl
Punch bown inscription
Tray inscription
Trident mold
Silver spoons
Commemorative coin closeup
Parthenon drawing
Small carvings
Edge pattern closeup
Outside front design, closeup
Outside front design
Parthenon, oblique
Parthenon, side, all
Parthenon, front