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2002 :: 03 :: Mammoth Cave :: Inside (57)

Carmichael entrance
Gypsum, ceiling
Rocky ceiling
Rocky tunnel
Heads, down the trail
Cave at side
Wild Cavers crossing
Bend in the path, tripod
Ceiling, tripod
Rocky wall, tripod
Side cave
Snowball dining hall
Cave beside cafeteria, benches, tripod
Snowball dining room wall
Ancient grafitti
Shelf formation, wall
Narrow passage, people in front
Rock chimney upward
Narrow passage looking up
Rock strata
Deep waterfall pit
Upper ledge, rock pile
Upper ledge, rock pile, tripod
Cave spider, wall
Stalagmite awning
Group, ranger, rest stop
Gnarly wall
Group seated, avenue, cavern
It is pitch dark
One candlepower
Cave passage, tripod 1
Cave passage, tripod 2
Water falling through ceiling
Big wall of stalagmites
Stalagmite row closeup
Frozen Niagara
Pipe organ
Some smaller stalactites
Gnarled formations
Drapery Room sigh
Drapery Room ceiling
Stalagmite wall and columns
Stalagmites, stalactites, and a column
Drapery Room column
Drapery Room ceiling, tripod
Complex junction
Drapery Room stalagtites and stalagmites
Dark side passage
Stalagmite wall, foreground rocks
Winding stalagmites, blurry close
Way out, stalagtites and stalagmites forming columns
Stalagmite wall
Final hallway
Frozen Niagara exit
Ranger Don, Reagan story
Waiting pavillion