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2002 :: 03 :: Mammoth Cave :: Outside (52)

Mammoth Caves National Park sign
Road entering
Picnic overlook
Wooden walkway, benches
Curved stone wall, misty distance
Light leaves through woods
Rock, light leaved tree
Colourful woods
View at outlook 1
View at outlook 2
Looking down through woods
Forest path winding downward
Wooded valley
Path into woods V
Path into woods
Mammoth Dome Sink sign
Mammoth Dome Sink close
Mammoth Dome Sink and trail
Holly plant
Light leaved plant
Moss on tree base
Moss closeup
Light tree and forest road
Mossy logs
Path through evergreens
Path through evergreens 2
White's Cave sign
White's cave, closed up
Bend in the trail
Trees looking down
Looking off the trail
Path through bare trees
Rocky path, evergreens
Tree bark closeup
Rocks beside the trail
Spiky log
Path with steps up
Overhanging rocks
Rocks closeup, moss
Rock garden
Bench, log, just off he trail
Spring sinkhole
Clear spring water
Spring, wider
Spring, downstream
Spring from above
Echo River Spring sign
Deer, head peeking around tree
Deer, ridge 1
Deer, ridge 2
Deer group, woods 1
Deer in woods, clear view