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2002 :: 03 :: Memphis Apartment (36)

Boxes in living room
More stuff
Balcony doors
Toward kitchen and dining room
Dining room
Toward bedroom
Looking into bedroom
Bedroom window
Bedroom and closet V
Bedroom and walk-in closet
Camping out
Kitchen and pantry
Living room and balcony doors
Computer desk
Toward entrance
Me at computer desk
Vanishing trick
Cornerstone Consulting
Some intersection
Cubicle, no flash
Night shot from balcony
Night shot from balcony, darker
My new friend Mr. Coffee
Bathroom, lived-in look
Bedroom, mattress, phone, laundry basket, closet
Chair and computer desk
New chair at last
Bookcase, degree
Degree framed on wall
Memphis street map
Outside door, third floor