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2002 :: 03 :: Upward Bound retreat :: Saturday morning (27)

Todd, morning devotion, gym
Todd, Kari-Lynn, table, gym
Breakfast lineup, gym
Rebecca, Sairah, table, gym
Charlie, Marlene, table, gym
Isaac, table, gym
Shaun, Charlie, Lynn, table, gym
UNK, Caitlin, dinner line
Sandy, Jocelyn hands out, gym
Caitlin carrying Kelly, Rebecca, bad redeye, gym
Caitlin, Rebecca, Kelly, UNK, bad redeye, gym
Shelley doing Jocelyn's hair, gym
Mark, Ryan and the Hons Bus, men, gym
Allison with a kind of weird expression but somewhat blurred
Steve reading TFF, chapel
Kevin, Handel, Caitlin, UNK, chapel
Handel, Philson, chapel
Todd exhorting the crowd, chapel
Caitlin, UNK, Kelly, Kevin, Handel, Philson, chapel
Allison, Erin, Ryan, singing widely, chapel
Steve, Kevin, Handel, chapel
Barbara, Elaine, Cathy, Steve, Handel, Philson, JAH, chapel
Sandy, studying, funny, chapel
Steve, Paulette, Handel, Philson, song, chapel
Barbara, Elaine, Cathy, song, chapel
Jeff, songleading, chapel
Paulette singing, chapel