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Vortex photo database: David Robins' photography

2002 :: 03 :: Upward Bound retreat :: Saturday snow (56)

Todd, lectern, chapel
Shaun, Dann, Jenn, snowy road
Heather, Sandy, Allison defocused, gym
War in the snow 1
Charge of the light brigade 1
Charge of the light brigade 2
Cathy, Todd, Lorraine, standing in snow
Jocelyn, Kevin, shoulders, unbalanced, snow
Isaac, Shelley, shoulders, snow
War in the snow 2
Calvin Klein, Petra, snow
Jeff, snow
Jeff and a crowd, snow
War in the snow 3
Heather, standing, snow
Enemy lines 1
Rebecca, Steve, Jean-Guy, advancing, snow
Jocelyn, Shelley, snow
Why is Heather's tongue sticking out
War in the snow 4
War in the snow 5
Isaac takes down Jean-Guy, snow
Caitlin, sitting in snow
Martin, Caitlin, Handel, snowy ground
Philson's magic hat
Marlene, Mark, Isaac, Alison, snow
Marlene, Alison, Handel, Cathy, Jocelyn, snow
Enemy lines 2
Marlene, Alison, snowy ground
Brownie, Lorraine, Cathy, snow
Martin, Adina, Petra, snow
Sandy, Todd, outside
Isaac, Charlie, Mark, outside
Cathy, Allison, outside
Handel throwing snow, Ryan, Rebecca
Heather, Martin, Heather, gathering snow
Todd oversees the construction of snow forts
Ryan, Martin, gathering snow
Jenn, Dan, building snow fort
Guy rolling snowball
Marlene, Erin pushing snowball
Mr Abominable, Sandy, Lorraine, snow fort
Mr Abominable, Sandy, snow fort
Paulette, rolling snow
Mark, Charlie, building snow fort
Petra, Paulette, building snow fort
Caitlin, Erin, Todd, behind snow fort
Guy, Shaun, Dan, finishing snow fort
Allison strengthening the wall
Jocelyn making snowballs
Caitlin, snow fort
Suzanne, Brownie, Sandy, Cathy, outside 1
Suzanne, Brownie, Sandy, Cathy, outside 2
Ryan, Marlene, Charlie, walking
Paulette, Philson, closeup, outside
Hot tub rules