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2002 :: 03 :: Upward Bound retreat :: Sunday final (37)

Priscila's car stuck
Pushing Priscila's car 1
Pushing Priscila's car 2
Suzanne, Allison, heads, gym
Adina, Alison, close, gym
Caitlin, UNK, Alison, under table, redeye, gym
Caitlin, UNK, Alison, gym
Isaac, head, gym
Isaac, Handel, Steve, Kevin, faces, gym
Kevin, gym
Dave, Suzanne, gym
Jocelyn, mitts, outside car
Erin, Elaine loading car
Steve guitar, Todd, outside
Todd, map, outside car
Caitlin, UNK, hands out, outside
Caitlin, UNK, close, outside
Allison, Steve, Todd, map, outside 1
Allison, Steve, Todd, map, outside 2
Jocelyn doing something odd to the windscreen wipers
Snowy parking lot
Ryan, snowy buildings
More snowy buildings and cars
Ryan loading car in a blizzard
Michelle, hood, outside
UNK armed with a scraper
Steve scraping ice
Charlie, blowing snow
My Camry XLE in the snow
Snowy farm scene, fence and red building
Snowy scene, red barn closeup
Anna's Road
Farm building and field 1
Farm building and field 2
Psychadelic spiral
Psychadelic spiral closeup
Grasshopper store, highway 6