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2002 :: 03 :: Upward Bound retreat :: Sunday lunch (34)

Kitchen bustle
Lorraine, Charlie, kitchen
Handel, basketball jump, gym
Martin's just a blur, basketball, gym
Steve, basketball, gym
Shaun grabbing the rim, gym
Isaac, Suman, Kevin, gym
Mrs McEachern, Adina, gym
Sandy, parents 1
Sandy, parents 2
Sandy, parents, no flash
Martin, Joceyln, Alison, headless Todd, gym
Clapping group, gym
Lunch lineup 1
Lunch lineup 2
Shelley's karate chop
You'd better watch it, buster
Adina, Martin, table, gym
Jocelyn, smiling, gym
Shelley alien 1
Shelley alien 2
Shelley removing alien mask
Alison, Rebecca, Jocelyn, gym
UNK, Caitlin, Handel, table, gym
Lynn bringing cake to Erin, table, gym 1
Lynn bringing cake to Erin, table, gym 2
Erin considering candles
Erin extinguishing candles
Ryan, Erin, Lynn, cake, table, gym
Erin, Lynn, cake removal, gym
Lunch buffet table 1
Lunch buffet table 2
Erin's birthday cake, piece missing
University of Waterloo jacket