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Vortex photo database: David Robins' photography

2002 :: 04 :: Hot Springs (72)

Memphis bridge to Arkansas
Blue star memorial highway plaque
Hot Springs observation tower
Road and pagoda from tower
I-40 from tower
Woods from tower
Pagoda from tower
Parking lot from tower
Pagoda through trees
Tower flags
Purple flowers, bad light balance end
Winding road
Road and woods
Shelter closeup
Shelter and road
Shelter window
Spider tree
Berry bush
Red berries closeup
Top berries closeup
Purple flowers
Purple flowers closeup
Stone bench
Purple flowers, rock
Purple flowers, hillside
Steep trail
Bent trees
Fallen tree
Tree arch over trail
Stone stair
Stair closer
Goat rock
Goat rock upward
Flowers on branch closeup
Berries and flowers
Cliff edge berries and flowers
Hometown of Bill Clinton
Buckstaff Baths
Ozark baths wide
Ozark baths
Ozark baths close
Ozark plaque
Quapaw baths
Quapaw dome closeup
Quapaw plaque
Quapaw baths front
Scallop closeup
Fordyce visitor centre
Last bathhouse
Bathhouse row
Hotel wide
Hotel closer
Arlington garden
Spring and lichen
Arlington lawn sign
Hot Springs National Park sign
Hotel front stairs
Arlington lawn
Temporary capitol plaque
Hale bathhouse
Horse racing plaque
Steaming spring 1
Steaming spring 2
Maurice spring plaque
Maurice spring
Spring tap
What's in the water
Main street at dusk
Bernini rose