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2002 :: 04 :: Natchez Trace (41)

The drive in
Cub Lake trail
Trail obstacles
Tree at left, sunlight on water
Bright island
Small trees, contrast sunlight on water
Small trees, sunlight on water
Leaves, reflection
Fern, flash
Sunlight on leaves
Split tree arch
Safety Zone No Hunting
Cub Lake trail, forest canopy
Path and greenery
Pale pink hanging flowers
Isle, tree frame
Isle, more open
Distant peninsula, trees
Spiky moss closeup
Distant peninsula, closeup
Bright forest trail
White flowering tree
Tall tree shadows
Gears over water
Shoreline, trees, sepia
Gears, sepia
Forest road
Blue flower closeup
Idyllic bridge
Bridge and foreground
Bridge, foreground, island
Bridge, straight on
Bridge closeup
Bridge, island
Bridge only
Bridge, calm
Bridge, calm, foreground
Park sign with my car
Park sign