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2002 :: 05 :: Louisiana (54)

Lake, wide
Lake, closer
Lake, verdant
Turtles, stump
Turtles, rock
Cobwebby branches
Trees, depth
Turtles, log
Swans, close
Trees, avenue
Sam Houston Jones state park sign (taken after)
Alligator Crossing sign close
Alligator from deck, mouth open
Deck silhouette
Turtle, leg extended
Turtle in shell
Turtle close
Long-billed bird, walkway
Do not feed alligators sign
Trail over bridge
Alligator head
Alligator head closeup
Alligator, top, weeds
Swamp islands
Viewing platform
The marsh
Alligator eyes
Observation platform
Another photographer
Alligator submerged
Sabine National Wildlife Refuge sign
Aligator crossing, truck
Riverboat casino
St. Jean wide
St. Jean front
St. Jean looking up
St. Jean sign
Tree blossom closeup
Spinning wheel reflection
Courthouse close
Observation island
Framed island
Green swamp lake
Forest planks
Green swamp depth
Green swamp open
Shady path
Vines close
Viewing pagoda