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2002 :: 06 :: Biloxi beach (65)

Campsite at night
Tents in the morning
Dave, camp chair
Gerian, peace, camper with bikes
Mississippi McDonalds
Good morning all
McDonalds and palm trees
Ben, beach
Mermaid scene
Dave, beach
Gerian, beach
Beach umbrellas, clouds
Beach buggies, umbrellas
Beach umbrella
Open water
Beach boardwalk, car
Jetski rental
Guys, umbrella
Our beach
Beach cleaner
Guys, umbrella, closer
Car, boardwalk
Lone umbrella
Clouds, sea, sand
Me, buried
Me, unburied
Blue umbrella
Ben, beach ball, clean sand
Row of blue umbrellas
Gerian, Dave, water
Dave, digging a pit
Dave, Gerian, shore
Dave in a pit
Height comparison
Height comparison V
Water height
Orange umbrellas
Rentals store closeup
All the umbrellas
The boardwalk
Palm tree, rain
All you can eat
Guys among palm trees
Guys, palm trees, closer
Top of palm tree
Guys, palm tree V
Ramada Inn palm tree
Guys, palm trees, further
Me, driving
Turkey, park
Tree, lake, park
Trees across lake, park
Guys, park
Sparkling water, park
Clingon Point, park
Lily lake, park
Lily lake, park V
Map shelter, park
Flowers, park, flash
Flowers, park
Black people fishing
Ben modelling
Paul B. Johnson State Park sign